Learn how a certified B Corp made the switch from Customer.io to a climate-conscious email platform 🚀

Learn how a certified B Corp made the switch from Customer.io to a climate-conscious email platform 🚀

A company’s commitment to continuous improvement includes a rigorous selection of its own suppliers.

About Investment Quorum

Investment Quorum

Investment Quorum is a London-based independent wealth management firm specialising in financial planning and investment management for private clients, trusts, charities, and corporates.

Investment Quorum provides financial planning solutions underpinned by leading investment strategies for private clients, trusts, charities, and corporates.

As a business in the financial services sector, trust and transparency are critical to the company’s success. A recognition of this is demonstrated by their accreditation as a B Corp; requiring Investment Quorum to commit to high standards of business practice, as well as close scrutiny of the wider impacts of their business.


In order to migrate from their existing setup with Customer.io, Investment Quorum needed a platform that could integrate with their modern marketing tech stack, including Notion as their CRM, as well as deliver on the following key business objectives:

  1. Capture prospective leads for their Newsletter via Forms on their website

  2. Monitor the progress of their client base through their sales funnel via detailed user segmentation and automatic status updates

  3. Report on the engagement level of their client base

  4. Launch weekly Newsletter campaigns with a user-friendly HTML tool

  5. A series of email campaigns, such as new client Onboarding, prospect nurturing, and tax-year-end.


The team at Investment Quorum integrated their user data via the EcoSend API, allowing them to segment their broad list of contacts down to detailed segments based on user characteristics, such as plan type, activity level, and status.

This allows them to monitor and report on the health of their client base, as well as the progress of prospects through their sales funnel.

New prospects to the Investment Quorum website are added to their EcoSend Contacts database via a website Form,continuously nurturing their prospect list.

Investment Quorum also uses the EcoSend Broadcast function to send a weekly newsletter to its subscribers. Their newsletters give the “Lowdown” on trends in the financial sector, drive traffic to their latest articles, and nurture prospects onto calls with their team.


“As a B Corp, we are committed to accountability, transparency, and continuous-improvement. We are always looking out for opportunities to improve our wider impact on the world around us. Discovering the carbon impact of our email campaigns was eye-opening.

When we saw how easy it was to switch to EcoSend, and the benefits of sending our campaigns with a climate-conscious platform, we jumped onboard without hesitation.”

Elliot Finch

Head of Technology

”I was delighted with the onboarding process. Within my first few sessions, we’d already imported our contacts via the EcoSend API, verified our email domain, and connected our web forms.

That meant we were all set for our Marketing Team to send out our first climate-conscious Newsletter and start planting trees!”

Elliot Finch

Head of Technology

Claudia Guerreiro

Digital Marketing Consultant at Master of Chaos

Christina Masching

Director of Partnerships at Salanga & Kinaki

Rob Eades

Co-founder at Flairbox