In just 3 months FlairBox plant 500 Trees to offset 8,000kg of Co2 !

In just 3 months FlairBox plant 500 Trees to offset 8,000kg of Co2 !

The stats speak for themselves, showing the impact of FlairBox’s decision to migrate to a client-conscious email platform.

FlairBox is a global community of performers that allows talented individuals to perform, connect and be discovered for what matters most – their talent.

FlairBox offers a digital-stage for Actors to showcase their work, Casting Directors to source talent, and Agents to support their clients.

FlairBox also host regular Workshops featuring talks by industry leaders, as well as a ‘Side Hustle’ job board for actors to compliment their work with part-time jobs.


In order to migrate their email sending from HubSpot to EcoSend, FlairBox needed a platform that could replicate their existing workflow and deliver on the following key business objectives:

  1. Send newsletter emails to announce upcoming Workshops and new ‘Side Hustle’ openings.

  2. Create HTML emails with user-friendly drag & drop templates, without any requirement to write HTML code.

  3. Create an onboarding flow of in-app messages to welcome new sign-ups onto the platform and assist with their set-up.

  4. Segment their user-base according to custom properties in order to monitor engagement-levels across their Actor, Casting Director, and Agent groups.

  5. Generate leads by capturing sign-ups for the FlairBox newsletter via a Form on their website.


FlairBox utilise EcoSend’s real-time Automated Messages to automatically deliver personalised in-app messages at key milestones in the user-journey of new signups.

These ensure new users are comfortable with navigating the community, completing their profiles, and set-up to be long-term and successful subscribers.

FlairBox use EcoSend Broadcasts to announce upcoming events, such as Workshops and new ‘Side Hustle’ opportunities in order to cross-sell into their existing subscriber-base.

With EcoSend’s Visual Editor, the team can create aesthetic HTML emails in no-time, and without a requirement to code any HTML directly.

FlairBox use EcoSend’s Custom Properties and Smart Groups to segment their users via characteristics, such as ‘Actor’ or ‘Agent’, as well as user activity such as ‘Video Uploaded’ or ‘Clap Given’.

This allows the team to have an overview in Contacts of engagement levels of each user-segment across their entire client-base.

With a rapidly growing user-base, FlairBox send out thousands of emails each month to engage, convert, onboard, and nurture their users.

Since switching to EcoSend for delivering their messaging, FlairBox have planted 500 Trees in the space of just 3 months! Over their lifetime these trees will offset 8,000kg of Co2!


“Our client-base is growing rapidly, which means so are the number of emails we send each month.

When I learned about the impact of carbon emissions from email, I knew we needed a provider who could provide a solution for this. EcoSend is the only platform, to my knowledge, who currently provide that solution, and we’re delighted to have migrated over.”

Rob Eades


”We work with a progressive-minded client-base, who have a keen awareness of the climate challenge. Moving to EcoSend has been well-received by our clients, who appreciate engaging with a climate-conscious platform.

From a user-engagement perspective, EcoSend has helped us to optimise our onboarding and conversion flows, which are vital processes for any subscription-based platform.”

Elliot Janks


Claudia Guerreiro

Digital Marketing Consultant at Master of Chaos

Christina Masching

Director of Partnerships at Salanga & Kinaki

Elliot Finch

Head of Technology at Investment Quorum