What's new?

Latest updates to the EcoSend platform.

What's new?

Latest updates to the EcoSend platform.

What's new?

Latest updates to the EcoSend platform.

Update to Double-Opt-In instructions on Forms

10 Apr 2024

We made a small update to Forms today to help visitors find the double-opt-in email they'll be sent.

When submitting a Form that has double-opt-in enabled, visitors will now see an updated message:

"Please check your email to confirm. Check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox."

This update is now live for all customers, requires no further action from you, and makes it easier for visitors to opt-in to receive your emails.

We hope you'll find this tiny change gives a better experience to your visitors and contacts, and ultimately helps you grow your audience faster.

Easily see the Last Message sent in a Sequence

22 Mar 2024

You can now easily see the last message each of your contacts was sent within a Sequence.

Just head to Sequences, and view the "Subscribers" tab to see all of the contacts who are currently subscribed to your Sequence.

You'll find a new column titled "Last Message" making it easy to see the last message each contact in the Sequence was sent, and when.

New buttons to add a contact and create a Broadcast

14 Mar 2024

We've added two helpful buttons to the EcoSend Home area: "Add a Contact" and "New Broadcast".

These buttons make it easier to perform two really common actions, without having to dig into any specific area of the platform first.

We hope you like this small timesaver!

New "first run" user onboarding

28 Feb 2024

Confetti in the new user onboarding
Confetti in the new user onboarding
Confetti in the new user onboarding

With the new Onboarding flow, you can now add your domain and get verified to send emails, all within a few clicks!

The same goes for verifying a Sender Profile 👥

Now, whenever you add a new team member - they can attach their profile to send from your project's verified domain straight away!

Easily add a helpful footer to your EcoSend emails

14 Dec 2023

EcoSend Footer
EcoSend Footer
EcoSend Footer

The holiday season is upon us, so we thought we'd give you a little gift before everyone takes a much-needed break.

In the Visual Builder, you'll find the new footer you can easily drag and drop into your emails.

The new footer is tried and tested, using industry-standard best practices, and designed to look great in all email clients.

Effortlessly comply with Anti-Spam Laws

In order to comply with anti-spam laws like CAN-SPAM, it's good practice to include your business address and an unsubscribe link in every email you send.

With the new footer, it's easier than ever to add these essential elements, saving you time and ensuring your emails meet legal requirements.

Sent with EcoSend, sustainably

We believe we're just scratching the surface of digital sustainability. There's so much still to do, and it starts with raising awareness.

We want to help you easily share your support for a more sustainable future.

That's why the new footer also includes the 'Sent with EcoSend' link, showcasing your commitment to the environment and raising awareness of EcoSend's initiatives.

Available for everyone, today

We can't wait for you to try out the new footer. Now you can create beautiful, compliant emails with ease, all while showcasing your values and supporting a more sustainable world.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Happy holidays, and happy emailing!

Introducing Intelligent Unsubscribe Logic

8 Nov 2023

Screenshot of Intelligent Unsubscribes
Screenshot of Intelligent Unsubscribes
Screenshot of Intelligent Unsubscribes

To counter an increase in automated Unsubscribe activity, our Product team have introduced conditional double-click Unsubscribe logic to EcoSend email campaigns 💪

Respecting users' deliberate choices to unsubscribe from email communications is a core part of EcoSend's service as an email platform.

🤖 We have however, recently seen an uptick in automated unsubscribe events. These are typically triggered by automated email-link crawlers, resulting in non-deliberate unsubscribe actions.

In order to prevent users from being unintentionally unsubscribed from your email campaigns, we are delighted to introduce conditional double-click unsubscribes.

This means if an EcoSend email is received, and the unsubscribe link is immediately 'clicked' by an email crawler immediately after receipt, a confirmation page will be generated requiring a second click in order to confirm the unsubscribe.

This way, we ensure automated actions do not result in unsubscribes, but intentional unsubscribes remain respected 🙌

If an EcoSend email is received, and the unsubscribe link clicked after a reasonable delay, our usual one-click unsubscribe action will be triggered.

This ensures that deliberate user requests to unsubscribe are immediately actioned, preventing user frustration and unnecessary friction, which can otherwise lead to users filing spam complaints.

Scheduled Broadcasts are now live

2 Nov 2023

Schedule Broadcast Campaigns
Schedule Broadcast Campaigns
Schedule Broadcast Campaigns

We're excited to release our most requested feature to date: Scheduled Broadcasts!

Perhaps you're going to be on holiday when your next newsletter is due to send...

Or perhaps you've got a coordinated a big announcement at a specific time next Wednesday while you're in a meeting...

You can now create your whole campaign and schedule it for a specific time in just a few clicks 🎉

We've designed Scheduled Broadcasts to be as easy as possible to use, just like every feature in EcoSend ✅

Simply craft your message and select your audience as you normally would when creating a Broadcast. Then, instead of hitting "Send", you'll see a new button: "Schedule".

By choosing "Schedule" you can send your Broadcast at a specific time and day in the future.

EcoSend will automatically update your audience so any last-minute additions or unsubscribes will be factored in and your message will send in the background, seamlessly.

Whether you're there to watch it, or away on the beach sipping a cold drink, Scheduled Broadcasts will save you time and ease the pressure of hitting 'send' in the moment.

You can try scheduling your next Broadcast today. Just sign in to check it out!

Saved Blocks - recreate email campaigns with ease

30 Oct 2023

Our Product Team are delighted to release two new features today. Both focused on making it easy to recreate your email campaigns, time after time

If you use a regular layout for your email messages, create a saved 'Block' to use and transpose across future email campaigns.

Once you have designed your block, which could be a group of text, images, headings, social icons, or even a whole email layout - simply click the Save icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the block to add it to your set list under 'Blocks'.

Save your Block and give it a title, so you can refer back to it later on.

You can then access the Block for any future email campaigns, and simply drag & drop the block into your composer to edit & send in no-time!

We hope you enjoy these features to make it faster & easier than ever to send out high-quality emails with EcoSend 🙌

We love hearing feedback from clients, so if you have any suggestions for future features you'd like to see in the platform, please let us know.

Image Library

30 Dec 2023

Image Library in EcoSend
Image Library in EcoSend
Image Library in EcoSend

You can now save any images you use on a regular basis buy clicking the 'Uploads' option from the right-hand sidebar of your Email Composer.

Simply Upload or drag & drop your images into the box to have them saved and available for you anytime you open the message composer, ready for your next email campaigns!