Add your own domain name to EcoSend
Add your own domain name to EcoSend

Add your email domain

How to send emails from your own email address.


Your contacts are far more likely to pay attention to your emails when they come from your own email address.

Out of the box, EcoSend will allow you to send email from an address that looks something like this:

To send email from your own domain, you first need to register your domain as a Sending Domain in EcoSend,
and follow our instructions for setting up DNS Verification.

This process authorises EcoSend to send email from your domain, and ensures mail providers can verify that the
emails should be delivered safely to your customers.

Adding your Custom Email Domain ✅

From you homepage head to Current Project > Email.

  1. Hit the “Add a new Sending Domain” button.

  2. Enter the domain name you wish to send email from (for example, if you want to send email from, you’d add
    “” as your domain name). Then hit “Add”.

  3. On the “Domain Verification” screen, you’ll find the key details you’ll need to set up your custom domain with GoSquared –
    these are the “CNAME” records.

  4. Head to your domain name provider and add a new CNAME record with the details shown on the Domain Verification screen.
    Scroll down in this article to see instructions for how to add a CNAME record in common domain name providers.

  5. Once you have updated your CNAME records in your domain name provider, head back to GoSquared and hit the “Check…” button in
    Email Setting to ensure the domain name has been verified.

  6. Once verified, you’ll see a green badge with a check mark confirming that your domain has been verified.

  7. The “Compliance Check” area will be pending until we’ve confirmed via a third party that your domain is compliant and ready to use.
    This final step is out of our hands, and can take up to an hour to complete.

  8. Once you’ve passed the Compliance Check, your domain will now be ready to use!
    You can now send emails from GoSquared with your own email address.

Editing your DNS Records in common Domain Providers 💻

If you purchased your domain through any of the following providers, here’s a handy link to their instructions on how to edit your DNS settings to add a new CNAME record.

The DNS Verification Process ⏳

When you add an email sending domain, we give you a DNS record to place on your domain’s DNS records. The DNS record allows mail providers (such as Gmail) to verify that emails sent from GoSquared are allowed to use your domain in the “from” sender field.

Setting up the DNS

You will need to create a CNAME record in the DNS provider for your domain. The record we give you is unique to your domain, and looks like this:

Type: CNAME Hostname:

Your DNS provider should give instructions on how to update your DNS records.

DNS verification

After your sending domain is added, we periodically check that the DNS records have been installed. We will normally detect this within an hour of your DNS settings being updated.

There are also additional compliance checks that may take a few hours to complete.

Once the DNS check and compliance checks have passed, your domain will be enabled for sending email 🎉

Update your Sender Profile 📤

Now that your custom email domain has been verified, the final step is to update your Sender Profile to attach your email domain to your user login.

Head to Current Project > Your Team to find your profile:

Under the Options dropdown, select Edit Team Member then navigate to the Sender Profile tab.

You can now attach your custom email domain to your user profile, and update how you would like your email username to display:

Alternatively, if you would like to send from a more generic email address, such as '' - head to Current Project > Email Sending and navigate to the option to Add Shared Sender.

From here, you can add a generic email address, which can be selected from the dropdown when you are in the message composer of your next email campaign.

Video Walkthrough 🤩

Common Troubleshooting Issues 🙋

Cloudflare domains

When setting up a Cloudlfare domain, please ensure to not use the “proxied” option in the DNS.

Proxied versions prevent CNAMEs from correctly deploying for the record types we require.

This means that your verification attempt will remain ‘pending’ indefinitely.

GoDaddy domains

When setting up a GoDaddy domain, please ensure to use the record name rather than hostname.

This is a common user-error and will result in the verification failing.

Krystal domains

You will need to enter your record name into Krystal’s ‘Name’ field, followed by your GoSquared Value detail into Krystal’s ‘Hostname’ field.

Gandi Domains

Please ensure to retain the trailing dot ('.') to your DNS values, otherwise the record will fail.

For example:
✅ DKIM value
❌ DKIM value

Wix Domains

Please ensure to remove the trailing dot ('.') from your DNS values, otherwise the record will fail.

For example:
✅ DKIM value
❌ DKIM value

DMARC Settings

Please read our full documentation here regarding DMARC and other essential Email Authentication protocols.