How Will Apple Vision Pro Change Marketing?

Apple Vision Pro is set to change the internet as we know it.

7 Feb 2024

Whether you view the Apple Vision Pro as a ‘$4,000 ski mask’ or the future of computing, the one thing we can all agree on is that it is set to revolutionise how we all experience the internet.

Fusing digital interactivity within our real-world environment, the Apple Vision Pro works on the concept of spatial technology.

Giving us the ability to navigate our digital content through hand gestures, voice and even eye movements — the way we do everything from writing an email to watching a video is set to drastically change. 

While there’s lots you can do with Apple Vision Pro, as a marketer you may be keen to learn how you can adapt your content to make the most of its capabilities to benefit your campaigns. 

So here is how you can harness the incredible potential of Apple Vision Pro as a marketer wanting to drive engagements, leads and sales for your business. 

Marketing Within The Realms Of Spatial Computing 

Thus far, we’ve been used to creating marketing campaigns we imagine will be viewed on a computer, tablet or phone. But as Apple states in its official marketing literature, the Apple Vision Pro is about "freeing the desktop."

That’s because the major advancement with the Apple Vision Pro is it's a spatial computing device in the form of a headset. For those new to the concept, spatial computing integrates digital content within our real-world environment. 

In some ways, spatial computing is similar to VR and AR, although Apple is clear to state that the Apple Vision Pro shouldn’t be referred to as a virtual reality device. 

However, what we can say for certain is that spatial computing signals a seismic shift in how humans interact with technology and this will inevitably impact your marketing campaigns. 

Instead of clicking a mouse or tapping on a keyboard, users can now use their eyes, voice and hand gestures to access content through Apple Vision Pro.

Therefore, as a marketer, you need to think about people accessing your content from any location and within a variety of formats that are now made possible by Apple Vision Pro, instead of the traditional ways we’ve all been used to for the last few years. 

In short, Apple Vision Pro is changing up the experience of using the internet as we know it. 

Campaigns Need To Hold Up Against So Much Competition For User Attention

If the rise in YouTube Shorts and TikTok didn’t already give this away — our attention spans are getting shorter. 

As a marketer, your audiences now want content to get to the point fast and also meet the expectations of the title.

Plain text emails can still rule the roost even in the era of Apple Vision Pro. But by the same token, if your audience can easily pull up a movie or as Casey Neistat demonstrated — attract a virtual butterfly to your freshly ordered Krispy Kreme doughnut — why would they pay attention to irrelevant content instead? 

Whether you create social media or video marketing campaigns, your content should feel engaging and most importantly relevant to the wants, needs and interests of users more than ever before. 

Otherwise, the doughnuts will win in the competition for customer attention. Or anything else your customers happen to be interacting with through their headset.

Upping The Quality Of Your Campaigns

Speaking of doughnuts, The Simpsons predicted the invention of the Apple Vision Pro back in 2016. 

But now that time has actually come, you should know that as a marketer you can take advantage of the incredible cinematic capabilities of Apple Vision Pro that can drastically up the quality of your visual and audio content. 

The Apple Vision Pro has some wild tech specs like a 23 million pixel display, more pixels than a 4K TV for each eye, six world‑facing tracking cameras and personalised spatial audio.

In true Apple style the list goes on but what this all means for your campaigns is that they will have never looked or sounded better.

Even within an email marketing campaign, Apple Vision Pro’s image optimisation feature can ensure images look visually stunning across all devices.

So make sure your campaigns are taking full advantage of this.

Major Developments In Data-Driven Marketing And Machine Learning For Analytics

As noted, the Apple Vision Pro doesn’t involve a keyboard or a mouse. With new functionality comes new ways of understanding your audience. Marketers everywhere should be very excited about this!

Think about it. When trying to measure the performance of our campaigns and adapt our strategy in response (i.e. marketing attribution)  — no technology has ever allowed us to physically see how users look at our campaigns before. 

In the coming years, we expect analytics tools to be all over the eye-tracking, voice command and hand gesture capabilities of Apple Vision Pro.

For instance:

  • How long do users maintain eye contact with the content for?

  • Which part of the content do they look at first?

  • Are there any aspects users don't look at?

  • Which parts of my website are driving the most sales based on eye contact?

This data can then be used to be able to better understand online audiences and ultimately serve more relevant content that will drive engagements, leads and sales. 

Adapting Content For New Ways Of Navigating The Web

Apple Vision Pro is a headset that is controlled through hand gestures, voice commands and eye tracking. 

Similar to how websites needed to be adapted to be responsive based on the sharp uptake of mobile vs desktop users, it is likely that spatial computing will also result in changes to all forms of digital content.

On the one hand, you might see the likes of having to redesign a new version of your logo for Apple Vision Pro apps as more work for your team. Likewise, ensuring your marketing content looks good even when made into a giant interactive screen. Not to mention catering towards more voice searches in terms of SEO. 

In reality, all of these adaptations will allow your brand to stay relevant while tapping into new audiences. That is, if you’re willing to put the work in including by reading Apple’s developer guidelines if your brand has an app.  

For ecommerce brands especially, spatial computing offers amazing potential for the direct purchasing of goods online, with virtual storefronts literally jumping into life in our living rooms. 

Harnessing The Power Of Apple Vision Pro For Email Campaigns

You don’t have to wait until the Apple Vision Pro is released to start benefiting from its incredible capabilities today. 

With email generating a $42 ROI for every $1 spent in the year that the Apple Vision Pro is released (2024), now couldn’t be a better time to maximise your email marketing success. 

How to adapt your email marketing for Apple Vision Pro users: 

🕹️ Interactive emails: Interactive emails give the ability for users to directly engage with the content within your email, rather than just reading text or clicking links. Since the very foundations of Apple Vision Pro lie in interactivity - interactive emails are set to be huge.  

🔍 Segment audiences: With so much competition from other apps on the Apple Vision Pro, it’s never been more important to send the right message to the right person in the right way through segmentation. Use your email marketing platform along with Apple Vision Pro’s data-driven insights to deliver more relevant messaging. Look at aspects such as user demographics, behaviour and preferences to personalise your email campaigns. 

🤖 AI email marketing tools: When trying to market your products and services in the world of spatial computing, AI (artificial intelligence) is your friend. Try our AI Subject Line Generator for your next email campaign sent to Apple Vision Pro users. 

💪 Strong campaign landing pages: Landing pages have always mattered, but now they will be viewed in 23 million pixels through the Apple Vision Pro — don’t let a poor user experience let you fail at the final hurdle. 

💡 Never stop innovating as a team: If the Apple Vision Pro has taught us anything, it’s that technology continues to move at a lightning pace. While some things will always be relevant, how you deliver your campaigns should always keep up with new trends and technologies to remain visible in a competitive market. 

Apple Vision Pro FAQs

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What Does The Apple Vision Pro Do?

Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computing device whereby digital content is immersed within the user’s physical environment. Navigation is made possible through hand gestures, voice commands along with eye tracking. All of which is set to vastly change how we interact with content without directly being on our phones and laptops and even on the move. 

How Much Is Apple Vision Pro?

In the US, Apple Vision Pro retails at $3,499. At the time of writing, the price of Apple Vision Pro hasn’t been released for other countries, but we expect a similar translation of your equivalent currency. For UK audiences this would be circa £2,800 GBP.

What Is The Apple Vision Pro Release Date?

Apple Vision Pro launched in the US on February 2nd, 2024. The European rollout including the UK is expected sometime in 2024. Apple famously delayed the UK release of the iPad way back in 2012 due to strong demand from the US. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the Apple Vision Pro with so much push on the marketing. Typically there is a delay of several months in between North American and European Apple product releases. 

Do You Need An iPhone For Apple Vision Pro?

Not necessarily, although you will need to be part of the Apple ecosystem to use Apple Vision Pro. The device requires an iPhone with iOS 17.2 or later. Alternatively, it is possible to connect with a compatible iPad, Mac or Apple TV. 

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The email marketing platform for better business

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  • Free Email Templates

  • Smart Segmentation

  • Lead Forms

  • Automated Campaigns

  • Automatic Offsetting

  • Team Sharing

  • HTML Email Editor

  • Multi-channel Campaigns

  • Drip Campaigns

  • MailChimp Import

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