How To Get Your Slice Of The $12.3bn Email Marketing Pie In 2024 ✉️ 🥧

4 Jan 2024

There’s so much that email can do to generate leads, website visits and ultimately boost sales for your business. That is if you give email the attention it deserves in 2024! 

We know, there’s ChatGPT, TikTok and all the rest. But what if your winning sales strategy was there all along? Email marketing boasts unrivalled user numbers, and as we’re about to run through - phenomenal revenue projections for 2024. 

Email allows you to personally connect with your customers. So make sure you use it to your advantage to attract, retain, engage and delight your subscribers.

Here’s how to do just that in 2024, along with why email is definitely still worth it this year.  

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Key Email Stats For 2024

  • Email will generate $12.3bn of global revenue in 2024 - Statista

  • 4.3 billion people used email in 2023 and this will climb to 4.7 billion by 2026 - Statista

  • 59% of people say that email directly influences their purchase decisions - SaleCycle

  • Email is 40 times more effective in obtaining new customers than social media - McKinsey

  • 99% of us check our emails at least once a day and up to 20 times daily - OptinMonster

  • 77% of customers prefer permission-based marketing messages - Salesforce

  • Welcome emails generate 320% more revenue than any other email type - Oberlo 

Now you know why email is still king, here’s (as promised!) how to grab your slice of the pie. 🥧 👀

#1 - Sign Up For A Professional Email Tool

Your business needs a way of securely storing customer data, along with the functionality to create, send and analyse email campaigns. This is otherwise known as an email marketing platform. 

Popular email platforms include HubSpot, Mailchimp, Sendinblue (Brevo), Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Moosend, Drip and Zoho Campaigns. 

But if you’re looking for something fresh for 2024, then EcoSend is where it's at.

We’re the first climate-conscious email platform, meaning we reduce the carbon footprint of your emails. All without having to compromise on all the features you need to send amazing campaigns.

Want to give us a try first? We offer a free 7 day trial on all plans. 

#2 - Collect Subscribers For Your List

All email marketers need a credible and legitimate way of gathering email addresses to add to their email marketing list.

Forget email scrapers and other spammy techniques. Because apart from being illegal, we know that these techniques actually don’t provide you with qualified leads. 

Instead, you’re going to need to create an email subscriber form and place this form on your website. This will provide a legitimate way for users to enter their data and agree to be contacted by you - aka fresh leads!

Other ways of collecting subscribers for your list include:

  • Social media posts with a link to your email signup

  • Competitions whereby signing up to the list is required for entry

  • Website pop-ups offering an incentive for signing up

  • CTAs within your blog content asking users to sign up

  • QR codes on physical marketing materials

  • Events and networking 

  • Lead magnet downloads

  • Customer brochure downloads

As a business, you may also have other unique ways of reaching your customers that would also be perfect for requesting email list signups. Use these to your advantage to attract relevant and fresh leads. 

#3 - Discover Campaign Types That Work For Your Business

It’s a simple fact that not every email campaign type will work the same for every business. Instead, there needs to be a consideration of your customer along with their wants and needs. 

Think to yourself: What emails will get my customers to open that email, click my links and engage with my products or services?

This may involve trying any or a mixture of the following email types: 

  • Abandoned cart emails

  • Customer engagement

  • Email newsletters

  • Milestone emails

  • Product launch announcements

  • Promotional emails

  • Tutorials & other helpful content 

If you’re an EcoSend customer, you can monitor your campaign performance using EcoSend Insights. This can help you build a pattern to see what’s working along with which campaign types missed the mark. 

#4 - Optimise Your Emails For Mobile

Similar to ensuring your website is responsive so that it opens correctly no matter the device - your email template designs also need to have an option for mobile users.

It’s not just looks that count, as the way users interact with emails on mobile is also different than desktop. 

A report by Mailchimp titled ‘Impact of mobile use of email engagement’ found that: 

  • PC users click more links in emails (64.2%) than mobile users (26.6%)

  • Responsive templates improve click rates across all device types

  • Links found further down within an email get fewer clicks compared with those at the top across all device types

As an email marketer, what you can take away from this is that mobile devices can be unforgiving. But by prioritising your most important content higher up, plus ensuring great responsiveness and button functionality, you’re more likely to achieve success. 

Don’t forget that it’s not just your email templates that need optimising for mobile devices, but also your subject lines. That’s because while the usual cut-off point for subject line text is 55 characters, this can be as low as 30 characters on mobile devices. 

Similar to writing meta descriptions for your website, it’s essential that your subject lines don’t truncate otherwise your open rates may be lower as a result. 

The aptly named Email Tool Tester allows you to preview your subject lines on mobile, even giving you the ability to see the difference between how your subject line may look on an iPhone14 vs Google Pixel 7. Try it before you send out your next campaign! 

#5 - Continually Refine Your Campaigns

As marketers, we constantly monitor website performance along with strategies such as SEO and PPC. So, you must also make sure to regularly do the same for your email marketing performance.

Once again, we want to highlight the value of an email analytics tool such as EcoSend Insights. 

But if you’re currently using another email tool, the stats you need to look out for include:

  • Open rate

  • Click-through rate

  • Bounce rate

  • Unsubscribe rate

  • Complaint rate

Alongside these standard metrics, you also need to keep a keen eye on website visits and overall sales and enquiries. Ideally, there should be a spike in conversional actions which can be directly attributed to your email campaigns, including the date and time at which they were sent. 

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#6 - Don’t Believe The ‘Email Is Over’ Nonsense

There have been so many dramatic clickbait videos and articles as of late, ‘warning’ marketers not to bother with email this year. 

It’s true, Google and Yahoo are making huge changes to their platforms in 2024. But get this, these changes are aimed at reducing spam - not ‘killing off’ email altogether. So if you’re currently sending cold emails where you’ve used scraper tools to find email addresses, these changes are rightly aimed at you.

But for everyone else sending quality campaigns to users who have agreed to hear from you, these changes mean you’ve nothing to fear. In fact, this is simply Google and Yahoo’s way of clearing out the trash to ensure credible senders like you can shine!

Some top tips to avoid Google or Yahoo penalties include: 

  • Never use email scraper tools

  • Use double opt-in forms

  • Regularly clean your email list

  • Provide a one-click unsubscribe link

  • Include your real name and sender address

  • Send relevant, original and helpful content to users 

  • Don’t over-engage with send-to-all emails sent multiple times per day

So long as you comply with the CAN-SPAM 2003 act, and also use email best practice you’ll be golden in 2024 and beyond. 

EcoSend - Eco-Friendly Email Marketing Is Only A Couple Of Clicks Away

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The email marketing platform for better business

Win new customers, send better email, and make the planet better with every campaign.

  • Free Email Templates

  • Smart Segmentation

  • Lead Forms

  • Automated Campaigns

  • Automatic Offsetting

  • Team Sharing

  • HTML Email Editor

  • Multi-channel Campaigns

  • Drip Campaigns

  • MailChimp Import

  • Zapier Integration

  • Powerful API