The Best B Corps for 2024

March is B Corp Month — so we're celebrating our favourite B Corps!

8 Mar 2024

March is B Corp month meaning it's time to highlight the amazing work of companies that look beyond just making a profit.

The EcoSend team have worked together to create a list of who we think are the best B Corps for 2024. Each company means something to us as a business or as individuals. 

It is truly inspiring to find so many companies that genuinely want to create a positive legacy through their work. All while doing better for people and the planet. 

So listen up, and get ready to be motivated by learning from the best in business!


First up is Abstrakt, who are a Nottingham based web design and development agency.

Over 1.13 billion websites exist. However, something you might not know is that digital content including websites have a carbon footprint. Abstrakt is one such web agency looking to not only acknowledge the environmental impact of websites but also do something about it. 

Abstrakt makes it their mission to create websites with purpose to deliver innovative web solutions. All while upholding the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.



Aesop is a luxury beauty company that has graced various department stores for over 30 years.

From the beginning, Aesop strived to create products of the highest quality while simultaneously creating a positive impact within the beauty industry.

As well as having never tested on animals, Aesop set up a foundation that has since raised $6.0m for various communities in need.

Their employees have also given 20,000 hours of their time so far in volunteering efforts. 


Aline & Olivier

Voulez vous to learn about a French company that believes you should be able to treat yourself to delicious snacks without eating ingredients that are bad for you? Say bonjour to a French B Corp called Aline & Olivier. 

In addition to making us healthier through nutrition-led food, Aline & Oliver believe that “no happiness is possible if we do not all feel responsible for each other and for what nature gives us.” 

As well as donating 1% of profits to good causes, Aline & Oliver use recyclable paper wherever possible for their packaging. They even go as far as to use vegetable inks and have ditched tape on their packaging in favour of strips of paper which stick together with starch. 


Avery & Brown

"Is the world a better place because my business exists?" — asked Avery & Brown Co-Founder Russ Avery when he joined us on a recent EcoSend Podcast episode

Avery & Brown helps purpose-driven businesses to craft their sustainability story, creatively and authentically. 

The core service areas provided by Avery & Brown include ethical brand building, sustainable marketing and marketing audits. 

Avery & Brown have also published an insightful blog post on getting B Corp certification that offers a wealth of knowledge for other businesses wanting to engage with the process. 


Desmond & Dempsey

If the thought of lounging in your pyjamas on a Sunday doesn’t sound lush enough, Desmond & Dempsey make the experience as comfortable as possible for both their customers and the planet.

The company uses eco-friendly printing techniques to reduce water and power consumption, along with plant-based materials for their pyjama buttons.

Compared with the alternatives (i.e. mass-produced pyjamas that not only have a high carbon footprint but also shrink after one wash) — Desmond & Dempsey really do take the notion of sleeping soundly to the next level, especially if you care about the planet.



“This planet’s our only home — but we’re not treating it that way” are the extremely impactful words spoken by Ecosia. 

Ecosia is a free Chrome extension that turns your online searches into trees. If you didn’t know, some 8.5 billion search engine queries happen every day, and every search has a carbon footprint due to the energy needed to power the entire transaction. 

On a mission to do better, Ecosia donates 100% of its profits to its tree-planting efforts and has so far planted more than 200 million trees around the world. Crucially, they focus on “planting the right trees in the right place” to ensure their efforts truly help the planet. 



A huge congratulations go out to Evoluted, a digital agency based in Sheffield which recently gained B Corp status in 2024. 

Being only one of five companies in Sheffield to gain B Corp certification, Evoluted met strict criteria in areas such as business ethics, commitments to staff career development, health and financial security, diversity, equality and inclusion. 

Dan Rawley from Evoluted told us: “We're a full-service digital agency whose ethos is fiercely ‘People over profits’.

We pour significant resources into shaping our culture and giving back to our community and the environment because we firmly believe there’s more to business than making money. 

Initiatives include Ecologi contributions to offset staff emissions, running free marketing events, using spare client capacity for pro-bono work for charities, annual cost-of-living payments for all staff and more.

B Corp status keeps us publicly accountable for our impact across these areas, ensuring we maintain the high standards we’ve set and keep refining our culture.”

It is perhaps no surprise that Evoluted has also been crowned ‘Employer of the Year’ for the last three years at the UK Dev Awards.



With the average B Corp score standing at 50.9, Cornish clothing company Finisterre hit this out of the park with an incredible 93.2 Overall B Impact Score. 

It is the deep belief of Finisterre that they can make exceptional clothing in a way that is also responsible and transparent. The company’s three key commitments are to the people, the environment and the product. 

The connection that Finisterre has with the sea goes far beyond the products they make. The Finisterre Foundation is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which provides people facing difficult circumstances such as financial hardship or disabilities with access to the ocean. 


Growth Animals

Growth Animals is an ethical marketing agency which from the very start wanted to be a force for good. The team helps their clients make their marketing less wasteful, achieving a positive impact for both the people and the planet. 

Chris Thornhill, Co-Founder & CEO at Growth Animals told us what B Corp status means to Growth Animals. 

He told us: “We deeply believe in implementing marketing strategies that maximise profitability whilst considering their impact, a commitment that was cemented when we achieved B Corp status. 

We go beyond greenwashing, and we’re here to help you do the same, guiding you to make choices that make your marketing less wasteful and ensure you achieve a positive impact for people and the planet.”

Growth Animals is also partnered with Ecologi who plant trees on behalf of the company. 



Some of the B Corp businesses on our list of favourites we have had the privilege of getting to know personally. This includes EcoSend customer HerbUK

It might surprise you to learn that the hairdressing industry uses a range of chemicals such as ammonia and formaldehyde in dyes and treatments. Not only is exposure to chemicals bad for clients, but it’s equally not great for the stylists who are exposed to these products on a daily basis. 

Creating a refreshing change in the hairdressing industry, HerbUK is Natural hair colour specialists who make cruelty-free, ammonia-free and vegan-friendly products. All while being formulated from high-quality certified organic and natural ingredients sourced from ethical suppliers. 

Herb UK’s mission is to enable salon professionals to operate naturally, ethically, without damage and without compromising on performance. 


Kallo Foods

Kallo is the product of Ecotone which aims to create healthy and sustainable products in the UK.

There has been lots of talk in recent times about the health consequences of eating ultra-processed food. Unfortunately, one of the biggest headaches is that processed food is absolutely everywhere. In short, the further away foods are from their natural state, the worse they tend to be for us.

Producing foods such as rice cakes and cooking stocks, Kallo strives to manufacture their goods so that they are as close to nature as possible. 

Side note: We have it on good authority that EcoSend Co-Founder James is particularly fond of the Kallo Whole Earth Peanut Butter. Thanks James… this is a really long article and now you’ve made me hungry for a snack containing peanut butter. Hold the line caller! 



The ingredients that go into so many products are either unethical or poor quality. Surprisingly, this often includes some of the ‘big name brands’ where you might pay £100+ for a candle that uses completely synthetic ingredients. 

However, one brand that has always stood out from the crowd for all the right reasons is L’Occitane. 

Owning their own lavender fields in Provence and conducting factory tours for customers, L’Occitane puts quality ingredients as well as traceability within the supply chain at the forefront of their business model. 

Some of the policies that have helped L’Occitane achieve B Corp status are that they never use plastic bags, they use product refill stations in stores and even have a ‘closed door’ policy in-store to conserve energy. 

L’Occitane also supports various charitable organisations and also creates jobs through the L’Occitane Foundation. So far, over 53,000 women have developed economic initiatives and have generated additional income through the foundation.

As a customer of L’Occitane, it is so nice to be able to purchase products such as the Almond Oil Shower Oil or the Shea Butter Hand Cream and know you are getting a quality product that is genuinely kind to the skin as well as the environment.



We were lucky enough to chat with the incredible Mightybytes CEO Tim Frick on an episode of the EcoSend Podcast

Tim is also the author of Designing for Sustainability which offers a guide on building greener digital products and services. 

Since 1998, Mightybytes has helped its clients which include conscious companies, social enterprises, and large nonprofits to solve problems, and amplify their impact while meeting their business and marketing goals.

A huge congratulations to Mightybytes for scoring within the top 5% of all B Corps for the B Impact Assessment. Notable areas where Mightybytes are recognised include governance, workers and changemakers. 

B Lab which certifies B Corps has also included Mightybytes in its annual Best for the World list every year since 2017. It is no understatement to say how very well deserved that feat is! 


Minor Figures

In the spirit of that viral video trend: We’re content writers… of course, we’re going to write about oat milk in our list of our favourite B Corps!

Minor Figures excels at creating plant-based products for coffee lovers and baristas. 

B Corp Status was important to Minor Figures because, with B Corp certification, it means that the company is writing its sustainability practices into its official policies. Minor Figures also states that the B Corp application process “helps us to take a critical look at ourselves and spot any areas where we could be improving.”



We met OnHand CEO Sanjay Lobo on an episode of the EcoSend Podcast before the whole nation got to meet him on Dragons’ Den.

The easiest way to describe OnHand is to imagine the Deliveroo platform only for doing good. 

That’s because OnHand connects volunteers with people in their neighbourhood who need help.

On our podcast, Sanjay told us: “As soon as we started working with businesses, we realised that employees care about older adults. But they also care about so many other issues that are going on such as youth mentoring, climate crisis, homelessness, food poverty, you know, all of the big things that are going on. There are lots and lots of ways to do societal good. 

And during 2021, we start thinking about why companies are coming to us and wanting to do good. Essentially it’s all about impact.”

A huge congratulations to OnHand for also scoring an impressive 109.5 Overall B Impact Score, which is more than double the average score. 


Ozone Coffee

Not all coffee is created equal, and we don’t just mean in terms of intensity!

From the very first coffee Ozone Coffee served in 1998, sustainability was an important factor for the business. Working directly with coffee producers, Ozone Coffee prides itself on building good relationships with all those responsible for sourcing their coffee. 

In addition, the business chooses to pay premium prices for the production of its coffee to ensure that the relationships are “rewarding for all those involved.” 

Receiving B Corp status in 2022, Ozone Coffee stated: “It’s our way of committing to looking after the planet and its people for the long-term, and making sure we leave this world a little better than when we came.”


Play It Green

We recently met Richard Dickson who is Co-Founder of Play It Green on the EcoSend Podcast

Play It Green are passionate about helping people and businesses to lower their carbon footprint. Some of the solutions offered include a monthly subscription to create a climate positive workforce, carbon footprint reporting, climate positive hospitality and climate positive events. 

For businesses that want to have a positive environmental impact but don’t know how to go about making lasting change, Play It Green couldn’t be a better place to start.



When you call your business ‘Proper’ — there is no room for anything other than the very best standards.

For these British makers of popcorn and crisps, that is exactly what Proper has achieved in terms of saying no to palm oil, providing equal parental leave, creating the only Fairtrade sweet popcorn and training their team to be carbon literate.

Snacks that don’t just taste good but also do good? We’ll have a bite of that! 



Riverford was one of the original veg box delivery schemes, with its ‘roots’ in the industry stretching back to 1987. Fast forward to today, and Riverford delivers around 70,000 organic vegetable boxes every week. 

The company has always had an ethical ethos. So much so that Riverford is now employee owned. 

As a team, we absolutely love their commitment to sustainability and the environment, particularly their stance on using zero air freight which delivers huge carbon savings. 



Society is a global recruitment firm that solves recruitment challenges for responsible businesses and purpose-driven organisations.

With an impressive Overall B Impact Score of 107.5, there is a lot we could focus on about why we think Society is one of the best B Corps for 2024. 

Something that particularly impressed us is the Society Foundation, which is an independent registered charity funded by Society. The Foundation helps the recently homeless or vulnerably housed, ex-offenders and 16-24 year olds not in employment, education or training (NEET) to move towards paid employment. 


Soleil Marketing

Soleil Marketing offers strategic marketing services for purpose-driven brands. Alongside increasing brand awareness and turnover, the business helps to drive positive social-environmental impact. 

Maria Soleil, Founder of Soleil Marketing talked us through how to become a purpose-driven marketer on the EcoSend Podcast. 

Telling us why B Corp certification matters, Maria said: “They’re all about bringing purpose into business and using businesses as a vehicle to solve social and environmental problems, and I was obsessed with it.”

Maria added: “How does this apply to the way I run my business? How does that even apply to marketing? And what does the future look like for marketing within business? I think it’s a really interesting topic. I think it’s going to grow the idea of really giving back and repairing; rather than just profit, profit, profit all the time.”

We particularly like how Soleil Marketing gives purpose-driven businesses a chance to collaborate with like-minded thinking so that the best solutions both for the business and the planet can be found. 


The Plant

The Plant is a London based creative agency that specialises in sustainability, brand naming, positioning, brand implementation, identity design and digital design. They have a core belief that design can be used as a force for good, as they help their clients build a better environment and society. 

“It’s like therapy but for businesses,” said Matt Utber on an episode of the EcoSend Podcast, when he told us what the process involves in helping businesses to become more sustainable

We also think The Plant’s Impact Report which is printed on recycled tabloid newspaper stock is one of the best examples we’ve seen! 


The White Company

Sustainability needs to be considered in many forms, including the things we buy as individuals. 

I’m (Rachael - writer of this post!) in the process of trying to renovate my home. Something that has become super apparent is that many interiors are trend-led which doesn’t sit right with me for a number of reasons. Simply put, I find it wasteful and expensive to have to constantly change your home just to ‘keep up’. Instead, I look for longevity in my design choices and increasingly what I buy as a whole. 

The White Company recently earned B Corp status in 2024 and is one company that has personally stood out to me, because their products have never been of the moment. Instead, The White Company strive for mindful consumption, where we buy better but also less. Every product they sell is designed to be timeless and long-lasting. 

Stepping away from trends in general has a freeing aspect to it. You know that whatever you buy from a pillowcase to chinaware will be just as relevant in ten years as it is today. Since their products are built to last, it’s highly likely they will still be in use to be a testament to that. 



This is a highly relevant one for ourselves here at EcoSend, as we plant our trees via Treeapp

There is a lot of choice when it comes to tree planting initiatives for businesses. But the various assurances Treeapp provides really won us over. For instance, agreements with governments that the trees must be preserved over the long term. 

Every tree that is planted via Treeapp absorbs 109kg of carbon, and customers (of all platforms, not just EcoSend!) can see their progress to keep track of their overall impact. 


Wholegrain Digital

Wholegrain Digital are trailblazers in the digital sustainability space, as well as early adopters of the highly-coveted B Corp certification.

We’ve been privileged to get to know the Wholegrain Digital team personally, as they switched from Mailchimp to EcoSend for their newsletter Curiously Green. Tom & Marketa from Wholegrain Digital also joined us on the EcoSend Podcast to tell us about sustainable and humane website design.

Coming in with a whopping 122.1 Overall B Impact Score — Wholegrain Digital is the team to go to if you’re in search of a low carbon website or similar sustainable digital services for your business. 


Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition creates extremely high quality food supplements to empower us all to be healthier and feel like the best versions of ourselves. 

B Corp status is not a nice-to-have for Wild Nutrition, rather a must have. The team shared that certification “connects us to a community of like-minded leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.”


Wolf & Badger

The clothing industry, let alone designer clothing, doesn't always have the best sustainability credentials. But that is where Wolf & Badger offers a refreshing change.

Collections are very carefully selected to ensure ethical supply chains. The company will only work with brands which are business owned or run by the designer or their family. 

Wolf & Badger have a long list of other stipulations to ensure the products they sell result in minimal negative impact on people and the planet. 


EcoSend - Email marketing for B Corps

We're not a B Corp… yet. We're working through the process and hope to join this list of incredible companies very soon.

The above businesses are showing the world how it's done in terms of creating successful products and services that don’t come at a cost to the planet. We hope you’ll check them out, and give them the support they deserve! 

If we haven’t met yet, EcoSend is the world’s first sustainable email marketing platform. We too are on a mission to do good, by reducing the carbon footprint of your email campaigns. 

We help B Corps along with climate-conscious businesses by providing a greener alternative for their email campaigns.

For any businesses reading that are keen to learn more, we have a free trial on all of our plans

Want to chat with us personally about how EcoSend can help your business succeed at email while lowering your carbon footprint at the same time? We’re all ears! 

Book a demo and we look forward to meeting you shortly. 

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Grow your business sustainably

Get the EcoSend Weekly newsletter — inspiration, helpful tips, and a good giggle, every Friday.

Grow your business sustainably

Get the EcoSend Weekly newsletter — inspiration, helpful tips, and a good giggle, every Friday.

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The email marketing platform for better business

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  • Free Email Templates

  • Smart Segmentation

  • Lead Forms

  • Automated Campaigns

  • Automatic Offsetting

  • Team Sharing

  • HTML Email Editor

  • Multi-channel Campaigns

  • Drip Campaigns

  • MailChimp Import

  • Zapier Integration

  • Powerful API