How To Create An Email Newsletter Using EcoSend

8 Dec 2023

Ecosend newsletter email marketing
Ecosend newsletter email marketing

Email marketing campaigns typically include welcome emails, milestone emails and abandoned cart campaigns.

But, giving you the ability to share regular news and updates, email newsletters can be just as powerful when it comes to all things customer engagement and sales.

Here at EcoSend, we think every business can benefit from sending out an email newsletter. Best of all, we’ve made a newsletter tool that will allow you to do just that!

Whether you’re an existing EcoSend customer, or if you’re new to email newsletters, here’s how to get up and running with our tool in less time than it takes for your tea to brew. ☕️

Why Should I Use EcoSend For My Newsletters?

We know there are lots of choices when it comes to email providers. 

But here are some perks specific to EcoSend that we think you’ll appreciate for your newsletter:

🏗️ - Drag & drop editor

📊 - Performance analytics & insights

⏲️ - Scheduled broadcast options

🧑 - Audience segmentation

👨‍💻 - Dedicated (human!) customer service team 

💚 - Powered by renewable energy for reduced CO₂ 

🌲 - We’ll plant trees on your behalf just for using us 

In short, we bring you over two decades’ worth of experience in the email marketing space, with all the functionality you need to succeed! 

Step 1: Sign Up To EcoSend 

This probably won’t come as a surprise to you dear viewer, but to create and send your newsletter through EcoSend, you’ll need to sign up for an EcoSend account

Signing up takes seconds, and we’ll even give you a free 7 day trial if you’re still exploring your options.

If you’re short on subscribers for your newsletter, EcoSend Forms can also be used to capture leads through your website. These users will then be added to your list. 

Good to know 💡: If you’re currently using another email tool such as Mailchimp, we offer a free migration service

Step 2: Create The Content For Your Newsletter

It’s time to ping your content writer, as there’s work to be done!

You can add absolutely anything of interest to your email newsletter. We also have a free AI Subject Line Generator if you’re stuck for a catchy opener.

With a theme and subject line decided upon, some content ideas for your email newsletter could include:

  • Behind the scenes content

  • Charitable work

  • Community engagement

  • Exclusive offers

  • Industry news

  • News roundup

  • Product insights or tips

  • Upcoming event information

You can write your newsletter content and even drag and drop images in the EcoSend newsletter tool itself. Or, you could choose to write the content out in a separate Notion or Google Doc depending on how you prefer to work.

Step 3: Add Your Newsletter Content To EcoSend Broadcasts

If you haven’t created your content directly in EcoSend, you’ll need to open up ‘Broadcasts’ so that you can access your email template. From there, it’s simply a case of pasting in the content.

There are drag and drop options available for headings, images, dividers, buttons plus custom HTML. All of which allows you to easily customise the look and feel of your template, so that it will best appeal to your target audience. 

Step 4: Schedule Your Newsletter

Once you’re happy with your newsletter it’s time to send it! 

You can directly send your newsletter there and then.

Or you can use the ‘Scheduled Broadcasts’ function, which allows you to set the date and time your newsletter will be sent at in advance. This is handy if you’re busy or will be out of office when you want your newsletter to go out. 

There are also options to send to your entire contact list, or you can segment your list based on smart groups. Alternatively, you can also segment by various filters. Either way, segmentation helps you reach the right customer with the right messaging.

Step 5: Measure The Results Using EcoSend Insights

Having an EcoSend account also gives you access to a wealth of data through EcoSend Insights.

Some of the stats that you can view include:

  • Bounce rate

  • Bounces

  • Click-to-open rate

  • Clicks

  • Clickthrough rate

  • Complaint rate

  • Complaints

  • Open rate

  • Opens

  • Sends

  • Unsubscribe rate

  • Unsubscribes

Use this information to track the performance of your newsletters (and email campaigns as a whole!) so that you can maximise the success, and ultimately the profitability of your campaigns. 

Email Newsletters FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most common questions relating to email newsletters below.

If you’re a business ensure of any aspect of email newsletters, you can also schedule a free demo.

Just drop us a message and we’ll be right with you! 

What Is An Email Newsletter? 

An email newsletter is a regular campaign (i.e. sent on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis) which is sent to subscribers who have opted in to your campaigns. Newsletters are fantastic ways to share company or product updates, while helping users get the most out of your services as a whole. With average industry ROIs standing at $42 for every $1 spent for email marketing, newsletters are one of the many ways you can generate leads and boost sales for your business. 

How To Write An Email Newsletter

Cover your ears, ChatGPT. The secret to writing a great email newsletter is to consider what will create value for your subscribers. There’s no need to get Charles Dickens about it. Simply write about what’s going on behind the scenes in your company, plus any other snippets of interest. At EcoSend, we also like to make our newsletter a team effort so that everyone gets a say. Be sure to proofread and you’re good! 

When Is The Best Time To Send An Email Newsletter?

Research suggests the best time to send a newsletter is in the middle of the week between 1pm-3pm. At EcoSend, our newsletter is currently sent out at 2pm. But we do things slightly differently by sending on a Friday, since our newsletter is based on what’s new this week. We also recommend using EcoSend Insights to monitor your campaign performance, as optimal send times may vary depending on the location of your audience, plus your overall niche. 

How To Design An Email Newsletter 

In EcoSend, we give you the option to use our drag and drop editor so that you can easily customise the design of your newsletter. Alternatively, you can import a template or even go old school with a plain text email. 

EcoSend - Send Your Newsletters From Our Climate-Conscious Email Platform

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Happy newsletter making!

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Win new customers, send better email, and make the planet better with every campaign.

  • Free Email Templates

  • Smart Segmentation

  • Lead Forms

  • Automated Campaigns

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  • HTML Email Editor

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The email marketing platform for better business

Win new customers, send better email, and make the planet better with every campaign.

  • Free Email Templates

  • Smart Segmentation

  • Lead Forms

  • Automated Campaigns

  • Automatic Offsetting

  • Team Sharing

  • HTML Email Editor

  • Multi-channel Campaigns

  • Drip Campaigns

  • MailChimp Import

  • Zapier Integration

  • Powerful API