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Everything you need to get set-up for success with EcoSend!

Get Started

Getting Started

1️⃣ Add your Email Domain

Maximise engagement and delivery by sending from an email domain your recipients recognise.

2️⃣ Upload your Contacts

Upload all your contacts in seconds via CSV file.

3️⃣ Send Emails, Plant Trees!

Create your list, write your content, send your first emails= and plant more trees!

I’ve found migrating over to EcoSend to be incredibly straightforward. Within my first week I had already uploaded my contacts, added my lead capture Forms, set-up my email Campaigns, and even sent out my first Newsletter!”

Claudia Guerreiro

Digital Marketing Consultant

Next Steps

1️⃣ Install Forms

Capture new leads from your website and send them straight into your Marketing funnel.

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2️⃣ Integrate your Data

Update your user data in real-time via the EcoSend API.

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3️⃣ Activate Automations

Combine in-app and email for high-engagement messaging flows.

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"I was delighted with the onboarding process. Within my first few sessions, we’d already imported our contacts via the EcoSend API, verified our email domain, and connected our web forms. That meant we were all set for our Marketing Team to send out our first climate-conscious Newsletter and start planting trees!"

Elliot Finch

Head of Technology at Investment Quorum

Settings & Billing

Settings & Billing

Information about project settings, user permissions, and EcoSend billing.