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EcoSend Blog Archive

Looking for an article from the EcoSend team? You'll find it here.

Looking for an article from the EcoSend team? You'll find it here.

Londoners Could Soon Be Charged For Paving Their Garden

18 Jul 2024

One for all, all for trees! ⚔️🌳

EcoSend return to volunteer with the TreeMusketeers!

18 Jul 2024

How To Use Email As A Force For Good

18 Jul 2024

Jay Rayner Is Right—PR Email Outreach Has A Problem

3 Jul 2024

What Does CC Mean In Email?

28 Jun 2024

Apple Mail iOS 18: The Major Changes For Email Marketers

11 Jun 2024

Sheffield Winter Garden: 10 Lessons Every City Can Learn From

5 Jun 2024

How to run a great User Testing session: EcoSend x Conscious Marketing Movement

4 Jun 2024

11 Email Tips To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

23 May 2024

Switching from live chat to email for EcoSend customer support

Why we’re switching and what it means for you

21 May 2024

Email Marketing For Events - Examples & Best Practices

19 May 2024

TinyLetter Has Shut Down — Try This Newsletter Tool Alternative

10 May 2024

25 Green Job Ideas For Climate Quitters

3 May 2024

The Return to The Paddock! 🌱

The EcoSend team return for more wheel-barrowing, hammering, and hedgerow building! 🧑‍🌾

18 Apr 2024

What Is Spam Email?

5 Apr 2024

7 SaaS Welcome Email Examples To Inspire You

4 Apr 2024

How To Get A Custom Email Address For Your Business In 2024

22 Mar 2024

What we built on our March 2024 Hack Day

From Hugo's newsletter to HTML compression, here's what we built

19 Mar 2024

What Are Ethical Email Providers?

15 Mar 2024

The Best B Corps for 2024

March is B Corp Month — so we're celebrating our favourite B Corps!

8 Mar 2024

Email Marketing Costs: 5 Ways To Save Money In 2024

1 Mar 2024

Stop Making This Major Mistake With Your Email Signup Form

1 Mar 2024

11 Incredible Welcome Email Examples For 2024

1 Mar 2024

7 Tips To Improve Email Marketing ROI

1 Mar 2024

What Is Email Marketing? Beginner's Guide, Definition & Strategies

1 Mar 2024

How To Increase Sales For Your Business In 2024

29 Feb 2024

Onboarding Emails Examples, Benefits & Tips

29 Feb 2024

9 Mailchimp Alternatives For 2024 — Free, Cheap & Best Options ✉️

25 Feb 2024

7 Email Marketing Trends To Try In 2024

25 Feb 2024

How To Get Your Share Of The $8.5bn Email Is Generating Every Year

25 Feb 2024

Revue Has Shut Down - Here's An Alternative For Your Newsletter

25 Feb 2024

Should You Use AI Tools For Your Email Marketing?

25 Feb 2024

Why Do People Unsubscribe From Your Emails?

25 Feb 2024

3 Reasons Why Email Is Still King In 2024 👑 ✉️

25 Feb 2024

Email Scraper Tools And Form Spam Submissions Have No Place In Email Marketing & Here’s Why

18 Feb 2024

9 Ways Make Money With Email Marketing In 2024

18 Feb 2024

Email Scrubbing: Get A Squeaky Clean Email List With These 5 Easy Steps

18 Feb 2024

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Platform In 2024

16 Feb 2024

12 Welcome Email Examples For New Customers

16 Feb 2024

5 Ways To Get More Email Subscribers In 2024

16 Feb 2024

Our day at the BAFTA's - CRN's Sustainability in Tech Awards! 🏆

9 Feb 2024

How Will Apple Vision Pro Change Marketing?

Apple Vision Pro is set to change the internet as we know it.

7 Feb 2024

Why Everyone Should Start An Email Newsletter

1 Feb 2024

7 Reasons Why Your Emails Go To Spam (With Solutions)

How to ensure your emails don't get lost in the dreaded spam folder

1 Feb 2024

What Is Customer Segmentation?

Segmentation? A fancy word for filtering, grouping. What is it and why should you care?

1 Feb 2024

What Are The Different Types Of Emails?

1 Feb 2024

Why No-Reply Emails Are Bad For Business

1 Feb 2024

Stop Making These 11 Email Marketing Mistakes

28 Jan 2024

Peeling, pouring, prepping, and packing 🥘

EcoSend's CSR day at The Felix Project!

25 Jan 2024

Guide To Email Automation Management

12 Jan 2024

How To Nail Your Email Onboarding Sequence For Freemium Users

12 Jan 2024

How To Craft Email Onboarding to Convert Skeptical Users

12 Jan 2024

How To Get Your Slice Of The $12.3bn Email Marketing Pie In 2024 ✉️ 🥧

4 Jan 2024

5 Email Marketing Trends For 2024

22 Dec 2023

Introducing The EcoSend Email Footer

15 Dec 2023

How To Create An Email Newsletter Using EcoSend

8 Dec 2023

Google Is Deleting Inactive Accounts Starting Today

1 Dec 2023

What Is The Environmental Impact Of Black Friday?

23 Nov 2023

Your Black Friday Emails Have A Carbon Footprint

22 Nov 2023

Sending Email From Your Own Domain Is Now Easier Than ever

23 Nov 2023

Introducing The EcoSend CSS Inliner Tool

17 Nov 2023

43 Questions About Email Answered

10 Nov 2023

17 Ways To Be A More Sustainable Business In 2024

3 Nov 2023

Send Scheduled Emails With EcoSend Scheduled Broadcasts

3 Nov 2023

9 Effective Strategies For Winning Customers Through Email

27 Oct 2023

FoodBanking in Bethnal Green🥫🍞

EcoSend's October CSR Day

27 Oct 2023

Introducing The EcoSend Campaign URL Builder

26 Oct 2023

How To Choose An Email Marketing Platform

22 Oct 2023

Why Your Business Needs An Email Newsletter ✉️ 👀

20 Oct 2023

7 Eco-Friendly Marketing Strategies To Try In 2024

15 Oct 2023

The Huge Changes Coming To Gmail & Yahoo In 2024

13 Oct 2023

Introducing EcoSend Email Marketing For Agencies

6 Oct 2023

Why Email Marketing Is A Major Growth Hack For 2024

29 Sept 2023

7 Tips To Maximise Email ROI In 2024 💰

29 Sept 2023

The EcoSend Guide: Improve your email deliverability

Conquering marketing's final frontier — landing emails into your clients’ inboxes

28 Sept 2023

7 Major Sustainability Trends For 2024

24 Sept 2023

Does Using The Internet Increase Your Carbon Footprint?

24 Sept 2023

What Is Digital Sustainability?

16 Sept 2023

Introducing The EcoSend Digital Marketing Glossary

14 Sept 2023

Introducing Message Behaviour Segmentation

The world's most advanced audience segmentation, now even more sophisticated

14 Sept 2023

EcoSend's August CSR Day - Tree Nursing, with Hugo 🐶

A day with The TreeMusketeers in Hackney!

13 Sept 2023

23 Eco-Friendly Affiliate Marketing Programs For 2024

5 Sept 2023

5 Tips To Stop Your Emails From Going To Spam

1 Sept 2023

The Carbon Footprint Of Clickbait

31 Aug 2023

How To Use Customer Engagement To Drive Sales

Don't Just Communicate With Customers - Engage With Them

24 Aug 2023

Welcome Emails: How To Use Them For Maximum Success

Saying Hello To New Customers Or Subscribers Offers Huge Benefits For Businesses

24 Aug 2023

Email Subject Line Types & Best Practices For Higher Open Rates

17 Aug 2023

11 Ways To Make Money With Email Marketing In 2024

17 Aug 2023

How To Lower Your Email Carbon Footprint

6 Aug 2023

7 Signs It’s Time For A New Email Service Provider

6 Aug 2023

July CSR Day - Green Thumbs and Summer Showers 🌧️

We spend the day volunteering at a local community park!

3 Aug 2023

How To Add An Avatar To Your Email Mailbox

28 Jul 2023

The Impact Of The Fashion Industry On Climate Change

28 Jul 2023

How To Make Your Content Marketing Sustainable

21 Jul 2023

How Marketing Agencies Can Lower Their Carbon Footprint

7 Jul 2023

7 Ways To Segment Your Email List

6 Jul 2023

What Is Sustainable Email?

30 Jun 2023

How To Measure The Success Of Your Email Campaigns In 2024

21 May 2023

11 Sustainable Furniture Companies In The UK

23 Jul 2023

Sign Up For The EcoSend Affiliate Marketing Program

Earn extra cash and help the planet!

20 Jun 2023

How Is EcoSend Different To Other Email Providers?

21 Jun 2023

Hull’s Library Of Stuff Is Reducing Waste, Household Clutter & CO2

The message is to 'borrow, use and return' rather than buy.

17 Jun 2023

9 Ways To Make Your Money Greener

15 Jun 2023

How Can Email Marketing Help Your Business?

9 Jun 2023

Make Your Email Newsletter Sustainable With EcoSend

20 Jun 2023

EcoSend Trees Are Now Planted Via Treeapp

5 Jun 2023

Introducing EcoSend Forms - The Climate-Friendly Way To Capture Leads

1 Jun 2023

5 Environmental Benefits Of Remote Working

1 Jun 2023

Your Short Emails Have A Carbon Footprint

30 May 2023

A Full List Of Green Energy Suppliers In The UK 🟢⚡

30 May 2023

5 Eco-Friendly Email Marketing Practices To Make The World Greener

27 May 2023

How To Lower The Carbon Footprint Of Your Digital Marketing

23 May 2023

How To Get A Zero Carbon Website

Your website isn't as green as you think. Lower your website carbon emissions with these tips.

21 May 2023

7 Benefits Of Switching To A Sustainable Email Marketing Platform

21 May 2023

11 Green Construction & Home Renovation Trends For 2024

16 May 2023

Why Highlighting Sustainability Was The Real Jewel Of The Coronation Crown

King Charles III has long been an advocate for our planet

9 May 2023

Introducing The AI Subject Line Generator

Never write a subject line again, with our new free AI-powered tool

4 May 2023

7 Sustainable Office Design Trends For 2024

Buildings and the construction industry are a huge contributor to carbon emissions. Here's how offices can get cleaner

13 Apr 2023

Spam Emails Aren’t Just Annoying — They’re Killing The Planet

Spam emails are everywhere. But what can we do about it?

9 Apr 2023

What we learned from our EcoSend Launch Day

and where we planted our trees 🌳

29 Mar 2023

Earth Day 2024 — Date, Theme Info & How To Get Involved

Earth Day 2024 is almost upon us. Here's everything you need to know.

28 Mar 2023

Introducing EcoSend — climate-conscious email marketing

The climate conscious email marketing platform, from GoSquared

21 Mar 2023

Try our free EcoSend Email Carbon Calculator

The team here at EcoSend by GoSquared are pleased to launch our latest tool: an email carbon calculator. We’ve seen…

20 Mar 2023

How a four-day week could solve the climate crisis

What does a rise in productivity have to do with climate change?

15 Mar 2023

Becoming a sustainable business in 2023

What is a sustainable business? And what are the key steps to becoming one?

8 Mar 2023

Greenwashing and Greenhushing

Episode 8 of the EcoSend Podcast with Mona Jensen of Something Green

18 Jan 2023

What Is Climate Quitting?

People are leaving their jobs over the climate — but why? And should you?

17 Jan 2023

5 ways to become a better business in 2024

How to become a better business — for your team, your customers, and the planet

11 Jan 2023

5 ways to make your office more sustainable

Why it might be easier than you think to become a more climate conscious business

5 Jan 2023

How Small Actions Add Up To Big Impact

Talking sustainability with Nudj app in episode 7 of the EcoSend Podcast

3 Jan 2023

What Is Green Marketing?

Misconceptions, information, and actionable tips to help you clean up your marketing

29 Dec 2022

Creative storytelling for sustainability

James chats with Charlotte Worsley of Stories Behind Things in episode 6 of the EcoSend Podcast

27 Dec 2022

5 ways to make your ecommerce business more sustainable

Better for the planet, doesn't have to mean worse for profit

23 Dec 2022

How to create a sustainable brand

Episode 5 of the EcoSend Podcast with Matt from The Plant

19 Dec 2022

How to have a positive impact on the world

Episode 4 of the EcoSend Podcast with Sanjay Lobo

13 Dec 2022

How to plant a tree for free

Sign up today and we'll plant a tree totally free

12 Dec 2022

What does the future of marketing look like?

EcoSend Podcast episode 3 with Maria Soleil

7 Dec 2022

The simple change businesses can make to cut carbon emissions today

It may not be the biggest, but even your digital marketing has a carbon footprint

22 Nov 2022

What is sustainable marketing?

What is sustainable marketing? Why is it important? And how can you actually implement it?

16 Nov 2022

How to reduce carbon emissions in 2023

Make positive changes in your organisation as well as your personal life with this handy guide

14 Nov 2022

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) done right

Welcome to episode one of the EcoSend Podcast, with Chris Walkling!

9 Nov 2022

5 carbon footprint calculators to help you lower your CO2 emissions

It's hard to improve what you don't measure. Start by finding out your carbon emissions with a free calculator

8 Nov 2022

Grow your business sustainably

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Grow your business sustainably

Get the EcoSend Weekly newsletter — inspiration, helpful tips, and a good giggle, every Friday.

Grow your business sustainably

Get the EcoSend Weekly newsletter — inspiration, helpful tips, and a good giggle, every Friday.